Check Engine Light Flashing Car Won’t Accelerate

It can understandably be disconcerting anytime that your check engine light appears. However, it can seem much more sinister if the light is flashing. So, what does it mean if your check engine light is flashing and your car won’t accelerate? If your check light is flashing and the car won’t accelerate, it is a … Read more

Why Won’t the Traction Control Light Turn Off?

One day when I was driving I noticed that my traction control light was on even though I was driving in good weather. The light stayed on for the entire drive. This has never happened before, as it usually only turns on briefly during bad weather, so I started wondering why it was happening. The … Read more

Check Engine Light Flashing And Car Shaking (Causes & Fixes)

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Traction Control Light Is on & Car Won’t Accelerate (Causes & Fixes)

Car issues arise at any time. Sometimes, they show predicting signs, and you can solve them early. But other times, they happen suddenly. The worst is when you encounter unforeseen issues while driving. Each car has its strength and weakness, so the problems you face will differ. A problem many car owners complain about is … Read more