Electrical Problems

Check Engine Light Flashing Car Won’t Accelerate

It can understandably be disconcerting anytime that your check engine light appears. However, it can seem much more sinister if the light is flashing. So, what does it mean if your check engine light is flashing and your car won’t accelerate? If your check light is flashing and the car won’t accelerate, it is a … Read more

Fuse Keeps Blowing In the Car (Why & What To Do)

Are fuses continuing to blow in your car? If you’ve ever owned a car, you’ve probably replaced a few fuses. I know I’ve replaced my fair share of them, but what do you do when your car keeps blowing out fuses? When a car continually blows fuses, there could be an underlying issue going on. … Read more

Why Your Car Struggles to Start? (Reasons & Solutions)

We have all dealt with the dreaded issue of our vehicles struggling to start. This can be a scary and frustrating issue to deal with that leaves us wondering if the issue is serious or not. Luckily, I have researched all of the major causes of this problem to help you identify and resolve them. … Read more

Why Won’t the Traction Control Light Turn Off?

One day when I was driving I noticed that my traction control light was on even though I was driving in good weather. The light stayed on for the entire drive. This has never happened before, as it usually only turns on briefly during bad weather, so I started wondering why it was happening. The … Read more

Troubleshooting A BMW ConnectedDrive Not Working Issue

We have all become accustomed to having almost instantaneous access to the world through smart devices. BMW makes this connectivity a priority with the BMW ConnectedDrive application found in their newer models of automobiles. However, when the ConnectedDrive application doesn’t work it can be frustrating. If your BMW ConnectedDrive app isn’t working, these tips and … Read more

Check Engine Light Flashing And Car Shaking (Causes & Fixes)

If you are like me, the check engine light in your vehicle is enough to induce intense stress or frustration. When accompanied by shaking, the check engine light can indicate a serious issue. Luckily, I have compiled all of the information you need to address your issue. The check engine light flashing and your car … Read more

Can A Car Battery Die While Driving? (What Happens Then?)

Having a car die on the road is one of the most frustrating experiences you can have. Knowing how to safely handle the situation and avoid it in the future can ensure a safe driving experience. The battery of your vehicle dying while driving can cause some serious issues. Yes, a car battery can die … Read more