AC Off Due to High Engine Temp (Is It Safe To Drive?)

Have you ever had your AC turn off due to the car overheating like I have? It’s a sickening feeling to watch that temperature gauge rise as steam begins to boil out of the engine compartment. When that happens, is there anything you can do, or do you immediately call a tow truck? When you … Read more

Car Blows Cold Air When Idle and Warm Air When Moving

No matter what time of year it is, any car owner wants to be able to rely on their heating and cooling system. It can be frustrating and uncomfortable when you can’t reach and maintain the temperature that you set. So, what does it mean when a car blows cold air when idle and warm … Read more

Car AC Stops Working When Hot Outside (Why & How To Fix It)

The car’s air conditioner is responsible for cooling and circulating the air inside your vehicle. It does this by removing heat from the air and pumping it back into the cabin. Additionally, it can also help to filter out any dust or pollen that might be floating around in the air outside, making for a … Read more