Engine Problems

AC Off Due to High Engine Temp (Is It Safe To Drive?)

Have you ever had your AC turn off due to the car overheating like I have? It’s a sickening feeling to watch that temperature gauge rise as steam begins to boil out of the engine compartment. When that happens, is there anything you can do, or do you immediately call a tow truck? When you … Read more

Can a Bad EGR Valve Cause the Engine to Misfire?

One day I was driving my car to the store when suddenly, the car engine started misfiring. I pulled over to the side of the road, turned off the engine, and got my car towed to a qualified mechanic. After the mechanic checked out my car, he told me that there was a problem with … Read more

Why Is the Engine Knocking When Accelerating (Causes & Fixes)

One day, when I was driving my car, I noticed an incredibly loud and persistent engine knocking sound when I was accelerating. Assuming that it was just a fluke,  I carried on driving, but the noise kept getting worse so I decided to take my car to the nearest mechanic for an assessment. The mechanic … Read more

Car Won’t Start After Getting Gas (Most Common Reasons)

Few things are as stressful as trying to start your car without success. It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed when your car won’t start, but there’s no reason to panic. So, what does it mean when your car won’t start after getting gas? Your car won’t start after getting gas if the starter motor, … Read more

Losing Coolant But No Visible Leaks (Find Out Why)

The coolant in your car is responsible for keeping the engine at a safe operating temperature. It does this by absorbing heat from the engine and transferring it to the air. The antifreeze in the coolant prevents it from freezing in cold weather and boiling in hot weather. It also protects the engine from corrosion. … Read more

EcoDiesel Engine (Problems, Durability & Costs)

When purchasing my first EcoDiesel engine, I did some research on the reliability and problems that I could expect from the engine. Since EcoDiesel engines are relatively new engine technology it is important to understand the different issues you could have. The most common EcoDiesel engine problems are engine failures, timing chain issues, fuel pump … Read more

Why Is Your Car Shutting off When The Brakes Are Pressed?

One day, I was driving my car and pressed the brakes. However, instead of stopping, my car shut down. I managed to coast to a stop on the side of the road. Thankfully, there wasn’t any traffic and I wasn’t injured. However, I had no idea what caused my car to shut down like that … Read more