Car Buying

Mazda CX-5 Buyers’ Guide (Problems & Recalls)

The Mazda CX-5 can be a great car if you pick the right one. But, as with most cars, if you end up with a problematic one, the new car feeling can quickly turn into a headache. While the CX-5 can come with a few problems, most of them are not serious issues. The most … Read more

How Long Do Subaru Foresters Last? (& Its Parts)

Subaru Foresters are SUVs that have the latest technology and many other features. Most people love their Foresters although some of these vehicles have had problems. Customers who buy a new car or a good used vehicle do not expect problems, but this sometimes occurs and the vehicle does not last for the expected amount … Read more

How Long Do Acura MDXs Last? (Years & Miles)

The Acura MDX is made to last for a long time, and it has many positive features. It is a popular 3-row SUV in America. This vehicle has a V-6 engine for plenty of power and the style is one that most people love. The Acura is Honda’s luxury line so it has many features … Read more

Hyundai Santa Fe Reliability (Best & Worst Years)

The Santa Fe is a small to mid-size SUV that is one of the most popular vehicles in America. It is also one of the safest family cars in this country. The Santa Fe has a very good warranty and most Santa Fe SUVs do not have major problems. It has plenty of room for … Read more

How Long Do Volkswagen Jettas Last? (Reliability & Recalls)

Volkswagen Jettas are considered to be one of the most reliable cars available. The Jetta is a compact car that can seat up to four people. Most owners of Jettas do not have serious problems but some models do have some issues. We will discuss how to get the most miles out of your Jetta, … Read more

Audi Q7

What Can Be Wrong With Audi Q7 (Reliability & Recalls)

The Audi Q7 is a popular choice for a full-size luxury SUV. Many lean towards this vehicle because of its sporty look and lower price than its competitors. If you’re considering this vehicle, you’re likely wondering what common problems it has and how much they’ll add to the already expensive upkeep. The most common problems … Read more

5 Common Problems With Tesla Model X (& Repair Costs)

Tesla unveiled the Model X in 2012 and described it as the most functional and advanced vehicle at the time. At first, it achieved 0-60 mph acceleration in 3.2 seconds. That number has improved over the years, making it the quickest-accelerating SUV in the world.  But you can only scoot for so long before it … Read more

Tesla Model Y

8 Known Issues With Tesla Model Y (Best & Worst Years)

As the world strives to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, electric cars are becoming more popular. And when it comes to electric vehicles, you always talk about Tesla — the number one electric car manufacturing brand globally. One of Tesla’s best cars to date is the Model Y, a mid-size SUV. But, while it’s a good … Read more

6 Problems Range Rover Owners Should Watch For (+Recall Data)

Range Rover ranks among the most popular cars worldwide, thanks to its luxurious features and design. The car is also popular for its performance, durability, and overall power. Therefore, the Range Rover could make a good buy if you’re in the market for a quality SUV. The Range Rover isn’t issue-proof. It can develop problems … Read more

7 Most Common Acura TLX Problems (Recalls & Top Complains)

The Acura TLX is an affordable option for a midsize luxury car that has proven to be reliable throughout the years. With the TLX, you get many of the benefits you would get with a more expensive option for a lower price. However, the Acura TLX has a few common problems and issues you may … Read more